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BLIND.DOC from Terminate

 The name of this document is BLIND.DOC. It can be found in the DOCS
 directory of Terminate.

 This file contains only information for people who cannot see.

 Because we got a lot of personal requests from blind people, we decided to
 create a few extra features which will help you to use Terminate even
 faster and with far more ease than any other terminal program we know.

 Most of you use some kind of speech device which only can detect BIOS
 writes. Terminate will use direct screen writes in menus and BIOS calls in
 terminal mode. You can also choose to use BIOS calls all the time.

 If you select Blind Support during installation the following options will
 be selected:

 Sound is turned on giving you a sound when popping up or closing a window
 Key click is turned on giving you a click noise every time you press a key
 Only menus will use direct screen writes
 The hardware cursor will be forced on all the time so your helper can see
 the cursor
 All sounds are turned on
 Passwords will not be hidden
 No automatic passwords will be generated
 The Blind Transfer window will be used for file transfers
 The File Manager will default to only one window
 Some extra sounds have been added
 In submenus all the background windows will be removed before displaying a
 new window.

 With blind support enabled, Terminate will always turn on the hardware
 cursor so if you have a helper he/she can tell you if the cursor position
 was wrong and report this error to me, the author of Terminate. This
 function also allows you to press CONTROL ENTER and then move the cursor.
 This will move the cursor position to the first position in the helpline at
 the bottom of the screen, allowing you faster speech access. If no help is
 found in a menu, when the menuline selector is used, then a beep will be
 played: a high tone followed by a low tone.

 To make things easier when transferring files, instead of the normal full
 screen file transfer menu yours have been cut down to the actual
 information needed. A sample picture is shown below. This window starts at
 the position 1,1 (upper left corner) and the cursor is placed just before
 the bytes transferred.

 The menu looks like the following lines:

 -------------- Blind transfer --
 | Filename      DANBBS.ARJ     |
 | Filesize            2153297  |
 | 75%                    8192  |
 | CPS/Errors   3340            |
 | H Hangup No     S Skip file  |

 Menu finished.

 Line 1: The name of the file.
 Line 2: The size of the file.
 Line 3: How many percent and how many bytes have been transfered.
 Line 4: Characters per second, speed of transfer and error count if any.
 Line 5: H to hang up after transfer. S to skip the rest of file.

 The message reader for Terminate is called TerMail. When starting up this
 editor you could use the parameter /BLIND to enable special sounds and
 features. If you call up TerMail from Terminate Alt-F7,L then this
 parameter will automatically be added if you have enabled blind support in
 the Terminate toggles menu. TerMail has a lot of sounds, as you will
 quickly learn. Also, when reading messages, you can press Ctrl-Enter to
 change the cursor location in the following order: To, Msg, From, Subject.
 Just try it and you will quickly get used to it.

 In the Terminate file manager you can press Q for Quiet, which will disable
 the entire left side and make it easier to view the files.

 List of available hot-keys in Terminate:

 change configuration (alt-o)

 S = Screen and colors
 C = Communications setup
 G = General options
 T = Toggles
 M = Modem and dialing
 F = Filenames and paths
 P = Protocol options
 E = Emulation/keyboard setup
 H = Host settings
 L = Login strings/scripts
 U = Users/iemsi/security
 N = Point system
 A = Cost management
 R = Registration info
 X = Fax configuration

 Phonebook (alt-d)

 Ins = Insert entry
 Del = Delete entry
 A = Add entry
 E = Edit/view
 D = Dial numbers
 M = Manual dial
 F = Find
 S = Sort entries
 I = Import
 P = Change phonebooks
 O = Other functions
 G = Global change
 V = Save now
 L = Voice call
 C = Copy or move entries
 T = Edit capture file
 N = Edit note file
 W = Show warn days
 Tagging = space, plus (+), minus (-), stat (*)

 phonebook edit (alt-d,e)

 S = System name
 P = Phonenumber
 D = Device
 U = User profile
 W = Password
 O = Opening hours
 T = Terminal
 X = Dial prefix
 F = Dial suffix
 C = Com information
 A = Autologin
 L = Downloadpath
 N = Notefile

 Pointsystem (Alt-F7)

 C = Call boss
 M = Call system
 S = Send files
 R = File request
 K = Kill mail
 T = Auto requests
 Z = Zoom mail
 E = Mail address
 N = Send messager
 H = Change mail
 L = Mail editor
 I = Import
 X = Export
 O = Configuration

 TerMail (Alt-F7, L)

 Alt-F = Areafix
 DEl = Delete
 Alt-E = Edit
 Esc = Exit
 Enter = Area

 These features were made possible thanks to the input and help from many
 blind persons. In the future, we will have a blind contact person who will
 help us to support even more of these features. If you have any special
 needs, please send a letter to the following person and he will help us
 enabling what you want or need. He is also the person you should thank for
 giving us the initial many suggestions for improving Terminate.

 H.C. Andersen
 Fregatten 14
 5330 Munkebo
 Fidonet 2:236/111.101
 Internet hca@login.dknet.dk

 Please do not use handwriting. Send your letters on disk or in printed from
 a printer, so you can be sure I can read your information.

                                                  / Hans Christian Andersen

 Special thank you's for helping with the blind test go to:

 H.C. Andersen        2:236/111.101
 Bue Vester-Andersen  2:236/111.117
 Raul Gallegos        1:109/921.15
 Martin Kirchner      2:2494/3040.6

 and all the other people that have helped us improve the blind features.

                                                  / Bo Bendtsen

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