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* powerful communications program *

Alt-F7 starts up the point system

Everything is already predefined, so you should be ready at once after installation, without changing anything

Your boss details can automatically be imported at installation using T-IMPORT.CFG which you Boss can provide to you, or you can just enter the Boss details manually, you only need Name, phone and password for a standard configuration

A more advanced feature, allows you to use several devices for dialing, in case you both use Modem and ISDN

A nodelist always contain full international telephone-numbers which will have to be stripped and sometimes a 0 has to be added in front. 44-171-394-1230 will be translated into 0171-394-1230 since I would call from London

Nodelists are lists of systems belonging to your network. Terminate of course automatically compiles and even update using revision files

This is how it looks like when you lookup in the nodelist

If you have several systems you call for mail, a menu will pop up and allow you to select the system fast

Mail that is outgoing can be viewed and destination checked

You can even view directly inside PKT-files

A function that allows you can mega-request from everywhere

The mail-editor is so extensive that you have everything you need in here

This is how a message for you could look like

Connecting to conferences could not be easier with Areafix

Normally everything is automatical, but you can clean up yourself

External utility handles the JAM-messagebases

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